Jan 28, 2008

Where is God?

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When an old person searches for his/her glasses with them on already, we joke about it. Well how good are we at finding things? . God is all around us, even within us. And we ask God where he is! Well, if he is already around us why don't we see him? - These types of conversation might have gone on between the common spiritualists. The main problem is they don't say it properly, which leads to confusion! - "What do you mean by he is already around us?"

Let us discuss "WHAT" this god is. He keeps track of all the good and bad of what we do. He is responsible for the judgment of every action of what we do, what each and every thing does. From galaxies in total to each atom , each particle in an atom , each quark in the particle and what not. So, what is this guy? The answer is that God is the total sum of all existence. "Now what is this again ?" you might ask.

Compare the human brain and its cell. There are millions of zillions of these tiny wonders of the nature which on their own are hardly capable of thinking or taking complex decision like we do. But we cannot and do not take lightly the power of them being together and communicating to each other. We believe that every action we do leaves a vibration that can be sensed by the stars and other heavenly objects [I would love to rephrase this as "We beleive that every action we do, does affect every other element of the universe, in some way or other, whether perceptible to the human or not. This might be the way things are communicated or 'Signalled' between objects of the universe"]. "These vibrations are be very very subtle and can be neglected" is what a usual arguer or a common scientist comes out with. But here is where our "Brain cell argument" comes into picture. The effect of the signal from one cell can reach the brain even being so little ! This is because the signal reaches many neighboring cells. Now think about the "SIGNALS" that we leave or any other entity leaves. These do not reach just one star or heavenly object. These reach more than 10^11 (that is a number with 11 zeroes after a 10)stars in our own galaxy. Now that itself is a huge number. Then just realize that the signals actually reach out to 10^22 stars in the whole universe (that is the estimate the scientists have given us). And those are not just the stars that are out there on the black canvas at night. So by comparing it to the brain, we may guess that this whole thing might be able to "think" and "decide" about the signals got. And also try to realize what would be the effect on us if all these 10^22 stars sent signals back to us or the entity about their decision? Don't you think they have the power to act their decision on us or our environment? Cant this complex structure be the actual GOD? I agree that as the sun and the other planets, our moon , all these things are much closer to us than the other thing on the night sky, the effect of our action will be signalled strongly to these. And that is why the calculation of the good astrologers is always almost correct. But as they neglect the effect of the other heavenly bodies, their calculations can never be so perfect! Let us finally come to the answer. For the answer to be clear, let me change the question a bit: "Where are we?". The answer is ,"We are inside God".

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