Jan 10, 2008

PlayTV PixelView Pro2 from ProLink. working under Debian Lenny AMD64

I always had my "PlayTV PixelView Pro2 tv tuner from ProLink" working under Debian i386 32bit. That was not out of the box. I had to remove the'bttv' module and add it again with some parameters my tv tuner likes.

I have a script which goes like this:

rmmod bt878 bttv
modprobe bttv bttv_verbose=1 bttv_debug=1 card=72 pll=28 radio=1 tuner=38 audiomux=1
modprobe bt878
sleep 1

But after I installed Lenny, I could not get the audio to work consistently. I always had to change PAL audio decoding method every time I change the channel. It did not matter from which to which!

In the 32 bit Debian (Etch in my case) I had got the module params by trial and error. But after it started to act up in Lenny, I got wiser. That, I accidentally hit upon


So I opened the case, pulled out the card and saw that it was a Connexant 787 Chipset. I used the parameters from it, and it Failed to even show up video!!!

So I just replaced the tuner and card parameters with the older ones. And it worked like a charm! And my chair was delighted it became a Garfield throne again! Alas the radio and the IR input devices still dont work :-(

modprobe bttv card=78 tuner=38 radio=1 pll=28 gpiomask=0x000007 audiomux=0x000001,0x000000,0x000002,0x000002,0x000001 automute=0

Afternoon Lunch

Finally. Finally I remember to snap a pic of my lunch.,

Jan 9, 2008

Time for a break

It is a long time since I took break from my project. It has been a long week sorting through hundreds of command line image processors. It is time for me to fill in http://clipsmaster.wikia.com . If you are wondering what it is all about , wait for me to fill in the wiki. It is supposed to tell you exactly that. And more.

I just thought it would be a great time to take a break just before that. So I went hunting for games on Debian, which I have not done for a long time. Some of my picks till now:
  1. * Beneath a steel sky.
  2. bloboat
  3. cultivation
  4. Billard-gl
  5. * xmoto
* == played before

I am still at "c" in "apt-cache search game|less ". So let us "c" what more I will get. Also spent some time customizing KDE.
Update: The above mentioned project, as well as searching for games have been dropped 

Today's breakfast

Rice Sevai

Jan 8, 2008

Jan 7, 2008

Lenny Debian amd64 being installed!

Duh! It was that easy! (check the title's link)
The hd-image solved my problems!
Basically, instead of searching for a cdrom drive it searches for the cd image in the top directories of all partitions of the hard disks and mounts it on /cdrom of the installer.

Jan 6, 2008