Mar 8, 2014

Affordable Medicine and diagnosis through radical innovation

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with none of the following orgnaizations/individuals/innovations/inventions, etc. & I am neither responsible for the contents of the websites herein linked, the results of accessing the same nor the results of following any procedures or usage of the products/services here-mentioned.
  1. 50 Cents Microscope that folds like origami (Manu Prakash)
  2. 5 Dollar Punch Card Programmable Microfluidics Chemistry Set (Manu Prakash)
  3. OScan Oral scanner for oral scanner(Manu Prakash)
  4. Lab the size of a postage stamp
  5. Better Breast cancer screening using Gamma Rays
  6. BioLab on a MicroChip
  7. A warm embrace that saves lives (Low cost replacement for incubator)
  8. Vaccine patch - Yay! no painfull needles
  9. Liquid filled adjustable glasses
  10. Diagnosing Cervical Cancer with Vinegar and ingenuity
  12. Plumber fixed the plumbing of his own heart
  13. Many of the lab-on-chip devices are low cost