Mar 14, 2008

Reverse Engineers will stop at nothing.

Or may be not even at nothing. I am too disoriented to know. I am dumb struck by the ingenuity and cleverness of these people. The below "title"s are mine. The original articles have other titles.

Canon! Show me your code!

Oh sweet iPod, sing your code to me!

Mar 13, 2008

Time Lapse Video using CHDK

As mentioned earlier, I own a Canon A570 and run CHDK on it . Using a script I took a Time Lapse Video . This is how you can do it using CHDK. This is how they turn out.

And this is how mine turned out.

You can also download High Resolution [786 x 516, 10.00 fps] [if my laptop is switched on. Look at the status box on the top right of my blog] it. It has 76 frames taken at an interval of 20 seconds and runs at 10 frames per second speed. I used mencoder to encode the series of photos into a movie.

Made two more timelapse videos

Original High resolution videos can be found here .

My goal in life

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