May 22, 2008

To think or not to think?

To think or not to think? That is the question. Lot of times we do mistakes because we sub-consciously decide not to think about the consequences.
At times the consequences of not thinking seem to be less costly than consequences of thinking.

Eg: ..
[The following situation has not happened to me] You are about to meet up with a huge client who will be discussing with you about the new contract. You are about to leave office when you do a childish but irritating mistake.
You obviously realize your mistake. Stopping to ask an excuse is the same as losing the client. Not asking an excuse means weakening your relationship with the colleague.
Losing the client on the other hand means losing the colleague entirely and surely anyway .. as you may be fired to lose such a huge client and won't remain as a colleague. So the best choice is obviously to leave immediately - You can always convey the apology later.
Now the question is ..
Does thinking and feeling gloomy about this situation when you are on your way to client's office help ? You may not get enough time to think about how to impress and win the client.
Does thinking and feeling gloomy about this situation when you are discussing with clients about the contract help? Again.. you might do a mistake that may make you lose the client.
Does thinking and feeling gloomy about this situation when you are on your way back help ? Unless you have a personal driver for your vehicle, this is a big no too. Feeling gloomy while riding is equivalent to drinking and driving. And the consequences might be you may not remain as a living being in the first place to go and ask for excuse or forgiveness.

Now most colleagues might understand this. Replace colleague with someone from home, like parents, wife or children. "You did not even have a bit of concern. You are an insensitive clod!". Of course, you must think about your loved ones too. You cannot blame your loved ones either. They have not faced thosituations. So the question is "to think or not to think?".

If you analyze thoroughly, the mistake you did in the first place was also because your sub-conscious was in a dilemma of whether to think or not.

May 19, 2008

Back to Job Search

Hi all!
Two years and three months at DeepRoot Linux and six months breather later, I am back at Job Search in my home town Mangalore. It is proving to be quite a bit of a challenge for me.
For my mom's and grandma's sake, I am limited to Mangalore. For the philosophies, principles I believe in and my technological interests, I am limited to jobs that involve active FOSS promotion or contribution, or as a fall-back, at least usage of FOSS with awareness of those principles. Though I am not sure of any companies in Mangalore that satisfy the former, there will be at least one company that follow the latter.
Though I have started active search just yesterday, I already know a few companies that use and are aware of FOSS products.
If you know of any companies that fall in these categories that would love to accept me, please leave a comment.

My Resume:

egrep -iv "(infosys)|(tcs)|(wipro)" companies.txt