Jan 30, 2008

Are we mosquitoes?

Ouch.. grr.. Splat .. Haaaa

I just killed a mosquito. It was sucking the blood produced by hard work from my body by piercing through my skin, giving me pain and probably even diseases.

Was the last mosquito bite a punishment from God ? Was it right of me to kill the mosquito and thus stop the punishment ? Why would God be punishing me .. Is there any time when I did something similar to someone else ? Not just as me, but as a part of the society ?

Oh God .. Are all the oil rigs causing pain to mother Earth ? Just imagine.. The oil rigs pierce through the earth's crust like a syringe.. and suck out the oil from it.. oil stored and produced for thousands of years.. Are we really doing this to mother earth?

Okay. Now pause emotions and let rationality play. Those oils are just there from thousands of years produced by beings which were alive thousands of years ago. Of use to nobody otherwise. What is wrong with us using it ?
What could go wrong?
  • pollution.
  • cavity under land
  • unstable geo plates
I dont know! to see if these and more problems can occur, we need inputs ..
  • how much crude oil is available
  • what are the shapes of it ?
  • how deep is it ?
  • how do we get it ?
  • how much are we spending ?
  • how good and strong is the skin of earth that is holding us ?
  • how efficiently are we spending ?
And more information for which I am not expert enough to identify. And I am not expert enough to identify whether the information available on the websites has not been modified by greed and other evil factors. So sitting and calculating is out of question.

Till then all I can do is sit and pray to mother earth. "Oh Mother Earth, the greed and laziness of millions are at work at this. I will pray to them to control their laziness and greed. Forgive me as a child, or punish me as a part of this evil supporting society. "

And I also pray to my fellow beings "Let us all analyze this truthfully, and see if we are hurting Mother Earth. Let us exercise our truthfulness and intelligence into it. And if we are hurting mother earth, let us pro-actively change to better and renewable sources of energy."

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All in One said...

Mind is a wonderful thing... just a mosquito bite can start a series of chain reaction in thoughts ;)

Butterfly effect :)