Apr 12, 2008

Geocities.com/kamathln restored

UPDATE: Its down again. doh!

... and I have now removed the timelapse video as I have linked it from outside. The problem is, If I link it form outside, they feel I am using geocities only for storage purposes. Anyway, I am afraid my blog may turn into "Geocities crash and restore" Log.

Apr 10, 2008

Why do people ask "What is the purpose of life?"

This is a snippet of chat that happened between me and my friend.

: have you ever debugged a program ?
friend: tell me
friend: lol
friend: joke ?
me: yes or no
friend: yes
me: and then after a long while you realized you are trying to debug a program/procedure whose purpose is something you do not know ?
friend: yes
me: and you do that and realize because you are "tracing" the stack to find where the problem is.. right ?
friend: whats the point u r trying to say ?
me: yes or no
friend: yes
me: well I just realized that when we are frustrated with life, and try to find[trace] where the fault lies, we are doing the same thing
me: and that is how many of us come to the question "what is life ? What is it's purpose?"


Some promises we make personally, may not be really personal. From time immemorial when humans have been making promises to their spouses or children that they will even bring the moon to earth for them.

We have brought back at least the pieces of moon.

Similarly, spouses have also made promises to "take you far far away".

Though humans have not gone farther than the moon, the missions for "farther and farther away" are not far away in time.

I feel these promises comprise more of a dream than a promise.

If you come across more of these "promise"s please add them as comments.