Jan 28, 2008

[rant rant rant] Losing concentration.

Recently my interests and energies have been dancing like disco lights. One minute I feel the surge to write a particular device driver, the next moment I want to blog about some philosophy flashing in my mind. By the time I sit to write the blog, I get a crazy idea for a nice movie script! Something I have never imagined before. And before I even start, my mind is blank and I can't remember even the theme. OK . Next I try to concentrate on some XUL based project, and in 5 minutes hell breaks loose with a stunning idea that I can stream my tvtuner from my PC to my laptop I struggle and find that the software that is able to play the sound doesnt like being streamed , and one that likes being streamed, does not know how to enable sound on the card. I move back to the XUL based project and find my mind will grant energy only if I think about the scheme script I wanted to write for GIMP.

This is what happens in sample 60 minutes of my average life in the last few months. The domain of interest is even more varied.
  • Photography
  • Digital Photo editing.
  • TV shows
  • Inventions
  • Cooking
My mind has gone over all these and more. In the last two months. I dont sit and think about them. These ideas come to me. Most of them when I least want them. Confuse me, tease me, and run away.

And I love ideas. I feel ideas are my life. But they keep running away :-(.

Can some one help me leash this "mad bull" mind of mine and tame it?

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