Jun 4, 2010

JqS5 Slide show and bookmarklet.

I just loved JQS5 (jQuery Simple Standards based Slide Show System) for the simple beauty that it is. If you just have a bunch of points to put across, and you are fast at html, you can throw together a slideshow in about 2 minutes.

Start writing a normal html file, put the main title in <h1> tag, your name in <i> follow it by a bunch of lists of points, each headed by an <h2>, load it in the browser and you are ready to hit full screen.

"Oh wait .. dont you have to add the css and js" ?

Oh yeah!, or you could just let these 2 bookmarklets to do that for you .. drag these bookmarklets to your bookmarks toolbar:

Load JQS5



"Load JQS5" inserts the the js and css .. Dont worry if not much happens, the js is not "activated" - only loaded. Click the "show" button. and let it do the rest for you.

These bookmarks load the js and css from the JQS5 website itself, which I discourage on 2 counts.
  1. We are using JQS5 website's bandwidth
  2. It will be faster to load it from the local machine.

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