Jan 7, 2009

Tagz.in same or grown ?

For the uninitiated, tagz.in is a social bookmarking site by my friend Jeethu Rao. And If you already know about tagz, and visit tagz again you may find a little change visually. But don't be fooled. The engine under the hood has grown up and is a lot more mature.

For instance he just added recommendations, now that is something that I have been always wanting - it now recommends bookmarks from other people by learning your tastes once you have voted on at least 50 items. Of course .. it takes into account the tags you have saved under your bookmarks too, so dont forget to save your bookmarks.

And there are loads of tiny improvements here and there. A lot of caching etc..

Dont forget to keep a watch on the "whats new" entry. And yeah.. don't forget to register and check out the recommendation engine. It rocks!

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