May 19, 2008

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Hi all!
Two years and three months at DeepRoot Linux and six months breather later, I am back at Job Search in my home town Mangalore. It is proving to be quite a bit of a challenge for me.
For my mom's and grandma's sake, I am limited to Mangalore. For the philosophies, principles I believe in and my technological interests, I am limited to jobs that involve active FOSS promotion or contribution, or as a fall-back, at least usage of FOSS with awareness of those principles. Though I am not sure of any companies in Mangalore that satisfy the former, there will be at least one company that follow the latter.
Though I have started active search just yesterday, I already know a few companies that use and are aware of FOSS products.
If you know of any companies that fall in these categories that would love to accept me, please leave a comment.

My Resume:

egrep -iv "(infosys)|(tcs)|(wipro)" companies.txt

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