Mar 13, 2008

Time Lapse Video using CHDK

As mentioned earlier, I own a Canon A570 and run CHDK on it . Using a script I took a Time Lapse Video . This is how you can do it using CHDK. This is how they turn out.

And this is how mine turned out.

You can also download High Resolution [786 x 516, 10.00 fps] [if my laptop is switched on. Look at the status box on the top right of my blog] it. It has 76 frames taken at an interval of 20 seconds and runs at 10 frames per second speed. I used mencoder to encode the series of photos into a movie.

Made two more timelapse videos

Original High resolution videos can be found here .


Jampy said...

Hi. I'm interested in CHDK and in the intervalometer script. I googled for "timelapse chdk tutorial", but nothing can be found... I own a Canon A570is like you, and I would like to know some little hints: for example, is it needed a large SD card to do timelapse videos? And, what is the script you used for your A570?
I'm a noob to CHDK, I haven't installed it yet, but I'm trying to learn more before give it a try.

Thanks for your attention


Dave Wirth said...

I really like CHDK, it's opened up a whole new way that i use my Canon S95. The Intervalometer script is the most useful one there is. Depending on the camera a 4Gb card should be fine but now a days SD cards are so cheep an 8Gb card is only like $8. Here's how i used CHDK on my old SD770is:

And here's a time lapse i created at the Phoenix Airport Terminal last month: Phoenix Airport Time Lapse