Jan 10, 2008

PlayTV PixelView Pro2 from ProLink. working under Debian Lenny AMD64

I always had my "PlayTV PixelView Pro2 tv tuner from ProLink" working under Debian i386 32bit. That was not out of the box. I had to remove the'bttv' module and add it again with some parameters my tv tuner likes.

I have a script which goes like this:

rmmod bt878 bttv
modprobe bttv bttv_verbose=1 bttv_debug=1 card=72 pll=28 radio=1 tuner=38 audiomux=1
modprobe bt878
sleep 1

But after I installed Lenny, I could not get the audio to work consistently. I always had to change PAL audio decoding method every time I change the channel. It did not matter from which to which!

In the 32 bit Debian (Etch in my case) I had got the module params by trial and error. But after it started to act up in Lenny, I got wiser. That, I accidentally hit upon


So I opened the case, pulled out the card and saw that it was a Connexant 787 Chipset. I used the parameters from it, and it Failed to even show up video!!!

So I just replaced the tuner and card parameters with the older ones. And it worked like a charm! And my chair was delighted it became a Garfield throne again! Alas the radio and the IR input devices still dont work :-(

modprobe bttv card=78 tuner=38 radio=1 pll=28 gpiomask=0x000007 audiomux=0x000001,0x000000,0x000002,0x000002,0x000001 automute=0

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