Aug 14, 2008

Corruption analysis

(This is a reply given by me to the suggestion on a forum that it is now important to remove the two Indian political parties BJP and Congress.
I feel there is enough juice in it to share it on my blog too.
Text in squared brackets[like this] are grammatical correction or filled ommission.
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I am no expert in these subjects .. So don't call on details if you
want to explain me something .. My question is whether removing
Congress and BJP will really remove the roots of the problems ?

Currently corruption follows power. And a large part also follows
"power potential". If power shifts from BJP to Congress or from
Congress to BJP or any other party/ organization/ whatever, corruption
follows suite. Some corruption stays back if there is "power
potential" still remaining in the party. If there is another
party/organization which a part of corruption sees that it has "power
potential", it will move to that if circumstances affecting the
corruption's victim compulse it.

Where does this corruption come from? Citizens. Can you remove
corruption from citizens without corruption drive[ing] it's forces against
your plans? The corruption in Government( with a few lakh employees?)
does not have a chance against clean citizens (100 crore!!!). Can you
turn this growing population "problem" into a strength against
corruption (not just in the Government), thus being it's own

The world is shrinking by the minute in terms of communication and
technology. So corruption can make it's way through those channels.
Can you make people immune to such channels of corruption? Can you
come up with an elaborate plan to block only corruption from various
channels of information exchange and then implement flawlessly all the
plans in one go? If you have a[ny] delay between to parts of plans,
corruption can slip through.

I am really sorry that I am not good at expressing everything I feel,
especially thoughts sift too quickly through my mind for me to
construct examples required to convey my ideas. May be that is where
my corruption point lies.

Can you do all the above in one go ? Then we may have a chance against

(To this, Someone replied :)
yes sure to some extent. This is not a permanent solution but would work
miracles and help root out the problem once and for all time in near future.

(And my reply was:)

Yes. You are quite right. But unless you have the complete solution to
the problem of corruption, we must not attempt this. I will explain.

The circle of corruption is a vicious one. The Government is corrupted
because the citizens are corrupted. And the citizens are corrupted
because the government is corrupted. The citizens are supported by our
Government. So if we remove BJP and Congress, we should have something
in it's place that can fit and support us otherwise, as a society, we
will collapse. And of course, it goes without saying that it should be
able to withstand the corruption from the citizens and should be free
from corruption itself. Unfortunately, for most citizens it has become
a matter of pride to be corrupted. Any point of time where we need to
be corrupted should be a matter of sadness to us and we should not
stop at fixing our individual problems which forced us to be
corrupted. If a father died because of cigarette smoking, the son
should not continue smoking saying "My dad used to love smoking.. I am
smoking for him.". Instead he should fight against the people who
corrupt their body with unnecessary chemicals.

I completely understand that sometimes corruption becomes necessary to
avoid any glitches in the design of the Government. But instead of
being temporary, it becomes a permanent thing. Like an Asthma patient
getting addicted to the steroids. That is what we should be always
aware about and avoid.

BJP and Congress, are the fruits of such a society and thus the
corruption is concentrated there. Nothing wrong in it. They are our
own fruits. In the plan to remove it, we citizens should also include
ways of cleaning ourselves and in the mean time prepare a replacement
Government which is clean, strong and has a high resistance to
corruption as well.

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