May 2, 2008

Is gravity just a bug in software?

[Note: Personal memory dump.. Don't waste time if you don't get.. This is not supposed to make sense except for me.]

Is Gravity just artifact of a bug in the simulation software running the universe ?

Taking Gravity as the curvature of space time. Why does it curve at all? Simulation "for loops" might be going over every particle (though not in X, Y or Z ,time dimension exactly). And because of some atomicity problem the positions might not be getting updated at the right moment. Or It might be that there are several(mind boggling number of) threads. And updating the position of each particle might have some atomicity problem. Or may be even some optimization artifact?? Or is God using Intel's FPUs :-P .

I can't make up anything now. There is something fundamentally wrong or lacking with what I already know. So I guess I must let these things rest a while and update my basics.

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