Feb 6, 2008

The greatest magic show.

A pile of mud. Lifeless, inanimate, simplistic pile of mud. Lying on the ground or flowing around at the whim of the wind's and gravity's wishes. Stones, rocks, rivers. All behaving exactly as simple physics could explain.

Now imagine a part of the pile of the mud thinking for itself, being able to control where it goes, or may be collect water from the ground, energy from the sun, and channel, store it for future. Now wouldn't it be the most amazing magic trick you could see?

The magic pile of mud that could be you, your pet, the moss growing on a stone in your backyard, the snail feeding on it, the bird high up in the air planning to do a "drop" on your car you just washed.

This magic show is called "Life". Life is the most amazing magic shows you can witness. Don't miss it ! And please don't mess with it.

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